New Paper Compares Neighbourhood Governance in Bristol and Baltimore

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Researchers from De Montfort University, Leicester and Cardiff University have published a paper exploring the impact of recent trends towards ‘privatism’ through a study of neighbourhood governance in Baltimore and Bristol. The paper considers the implications for the 'big society’ in the UK. In the paper titled 'Empowerment or Abandonment? Prospects for Neighbourhood Revitalization under the Big Society' the researchers suggest that to develop strong neighbourhood governance, there needs to be public investment alongside community empowerment.

The report suggests that in Baltimore, public, private and major charitable bodies have focused their investments in neighbourhoods that are 'deemed ‘viable’' and that 'economically ‘unviable’ neighbourhoods face effective abandonment by the public, profit and non-profit sectors alike'. The researchers suggest 'the case of Bristol further highlights the risk to neighbourhood governance infrastructure posed by the withdrawal of government programmes'.

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