ICT Jargon Buster

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The  ICT Jargon Busters listed below will probably provide you with the best definitions for the latest buzz words & acronyms, sometimes before we've even heard of them!


BBC Web wise A to Z

NCVO Managing ICT Glossary

ICT Hub Knowledgebase Jargon Buster

Social By Social (mainly Social Media terms)


With the accelerating rate of change in new information technologies (IT) keeping a jargon buster upto date takes a lot of resources. Although the Voscur ICT Jargon Buster is hosted on a Wiki on Wikispaces to make it easier to manage and to keep up to date, it still has tendency to fall behind as resources are scarce. If you want to request or suggest an addition or better still help edit it and keep it up to date email seank@voscur.org or call 0117 9099949

Other jargon busters (not all ICT Related) -