Government Expands Voluntary Sector Partnership Board

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Following the introduction of the Localism Act, the Communities and Local Government department has expanded its voluntary and community sector partnership board, adding new members from voluntary groups, as well as some funders and innovators.

The CLG hopes that this restructure will serve to strengthen the board, which advises the department. Third Sector report that a CLG spokeswoman said the board had been restructured in recognition of the "crucial role the sector has to play as communities are given new freedoms to achieve their own ambitions."

The board will focus on the following areas: neighbourhoods, the big society and community rights, planning, housing and integration.

The Board still includes representatives from local authorities (as well as some individuals), and umbrella bodies: National Council for Voluntary Organisations (NCVO), Acevo, Navca, Social Enterprise UK.

Joe Irvin, the new Chief Executive of Navca is coming to Bristol to speak at the new VCS Assembly. This is an excellent opportunity to raise key local issues and join in the local debate about voice and influence for the voluntary and community sector in Bristol. Read more about the assembly and register for your place here: