Is a share of £70k worth a bit of stage fright South Bristol?

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Photo from Sedgemoor Funding Den, Pitch Your Project event - with thanks!
Thursday, 17 May, 2018

Blog written by Jenny Wildblood, Voscur's Funding Lead.

South Bristol group? Don't let those butterflies stop you pitching for a share of £70k - we're all behind you!
You may or may not have heard about the fantastic funding event that is coming to South Bristol this July called 'Pitch Your Project', organised by Voscur in partnership with the Big Lottery Fund. Unlike other funding events, this event is unique as it moves the decision-making power from the funder to local people - you vote for who you want funding to be awarded to and the projects with the most public support receive funding! Simple! 
Voscur is extremely proud and excited to have attracted this funding - up to £70k - to South Bristol and we are on a mission to ensure that as many local groups know about it as possible. The deadline for applications to pitch is fast approaching and there is still time (and support available) to get one in for your project/group.
Our journey began in January when a Voscur posse went to the wonderful 'Funding Den', the Pitch your Project event for Sedgemoor. We were just there to be in the audience and get a feeling for what it was all about, but even so I couldn’t help feeling giant sympathetic tummy-butterflies as I thought of all the nervous people waiting to come up on stage and pitch for a grant. 

But once the event got going I was blown away by how great the groups pitching were and how many imaginative and different ways they’d found to get their messages across. At one moment we were laughing as a guy was wheeled on-stage in a wheelbarrow - a great way to pitch for a Community Allotment project  -  the next you could have heard a pin drop as we listened to the heartfelt testament of a parents support group. 

All the way through, the audience and the onstage “expert panel” were wonderfully supportive and positive. Even the groups whose presentation went a bit wonky were cheered and applauded, and most of them ended up with enough votes to claim the grant they were aiming for. All in all, it was a great way to celebrate the amazing and diverse work the smaller charities and community groups do.

So if you aren’t sure you want to get up on stage and “Pitch your Project”, remember that you’ll be helped by an audience of people who really want you to succeed and will be cheering you all the way. Voscur will be offering support beforehand to get your pitch together and our cheery team will be on hand to look after you on the night. And if a few of you pitch together, you can share the butterflies between you!
For more information about Pitch Your Project and how we can support you, visit:
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