Bristol Impact Fund 2

Bristol Impact Fund 2

The Bristol Impact Fund is a funding programme from Bristol City Council that helps voluntary and community organisations of all sizes do more for their communities. Bristol City Council’s goal for the programme is ‘to build city resilience by growing the power of communities experiencing the greatest inequality’.

As we reach the end of the first Bristol Impact Fund, we’re pleased to say that the second Bristol Impact Fund will soon be open for small, medium, large and collaboration grant applications. 

There are currently five funding priorities, four funding aims, and three impacts that the funding should have on local people’s lives, however these may change. We will cover the priorities, aims and impacts in detail as soon as possible.

Over the next few weeks and months, we will add more information to this page, outlining the application process, detailed timings, changes from the first Bristol Impact Fund, the support that Voscur will offer, and the resources you can use to prepare your applications. In the meantime, you can complete our online form to register your interest in support for Bristol Impact Fund applications, and to join a dedicated mailing list. 

Background on the Bristol Impact Fund 

  • The first phase of the programme began in 2017, and 20 small grants were distributed in the first year alone, each with two years of funding. 
  • Medium and large grants were split between 17 solo projects, 10 partnership projects, and two community transport partnership projects.
  • One example of a partnership project saw The C.H.E.E.S.E. Project CIC work with Re:Work Ltd and Hartcliffe & Withywood Community Partnership, supported by Bristol Energy Network, to help people in Hartcliffe & Withywood and Filwood make their homes more energy-efficient.
  • Many equalities groups benefitted from the grants, including Black and Asian communities, women, disabled people, and faith groups. 

An evaluation of Bristol Impact Fund describes its impact and outcomes.

We know that coronavirus has changed the way that organisations can operate, and it is vital that your organisation can give the right help at the right time to the communities you serve, whether that is a neighbourhood or ward, or a community of interest or purpose (such as people with diabetes, refugees, or those who are LGBTQI+). 

Bristol City Council’s consultation on the Bristol Impact Fund, and Voscur’s response

Bristol City Council opened a consultation in late 2020 seeking views on its proposals for Bristol Impact Fund 2. This helped inform the application process, deadlines, and much more; even in 2021, feedback is ongoing. 

Voscur coordinated a response to the consultation, which you can download. Bristol City Council has also worked on a series of ‘heads-up’ meetings, and the final decision on the programme will be announced on 25 February 2021 in Cabinet papers. 

Register your organisation’s interest in the Bristol Impact Fund

Please fill out our online support form to:

  • Tell us what you need - what would help your organisation prepare for the application, such as video calls and phone calls, training, or application assessments. 
  • Sign up to our mailing list - this is a specific mailing list for Bristol Impact Fund updates. 

If you are interested in collaborating with other local organisations on a funding bid, please fill out our collaboration support form.

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We look forward to revealing more about the Bristol Impact Fund soon, and helping you perfect your applications.