Geared for Giving

Tuesday, 25 February, 2020 - 12:30 to 14:00
Send a Cow, Newton St Loe, Bath BA2 9BR
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Bath Fundraisers' Group

Geared for Giving with Louise McCabe of Flourish CSR

Payroll Giving is a significant untapped opportunity for many charities and companies - over 1 million employees now donate to charity through their pay but there is so much potential to grow this to raise millions more for charities throughout the UK. Geared for Giving is calling for every employer with over 250 staff in the UK to offer Payroll Giving by 2021 and aims to raise £130m more per year for charities by doubling the number of employees in Payroll Giving schemes at work. All employees can make a regular tax free gift, no matter how large or small, directly from their pay to any charity of their choice. Bath has a good uptake of Payroll Giving amongst our larger employers with 34% offering Payroll Giving, compared to the national level of 24%.
Louise McCabe was on the Geared for Giving Board as Director of Corporate Responsibility for where she developed its award-winning payroll giving programme. She is a trustee of the ASOS Foundation and now runs her own CSR agency from Bath.
Louise will talk about the Geared for Giving campaign, her experience of growing Payroll Giving at ASOS and how the new Payroll Giving Hub will transform this overlooked area of fundraising by making it quick and easy. The hub will connect charities, employees and employers, allowing anyone to search whether their employer offers Payroll Giving, to sign up to give or request their employer puts the scheme in place. Bring your questions and experience of Payroll Giving so we can discuss how we can all grow this area of tax effective giving to engage more potential donors and develop stronger corporate partnerships.

How to book: 

Please email to let us know so we have an idea of numbers and organisations. You can also post to the Bath Fundraisers' LinkedIn Group.

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Isobel Michael