Intellectual Property: An interactive workshop for social enterprises

Monday, 17 October, 2022 - 10:00 to 12:30
Windmill Hill City Farm
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Intellectual Property(IP) and Intellectual Property Rights(IPR) are increasingly important terms in todays business world. Every business has IP irrespective of trading style or sector of operation, and it is often a mistake made by business start-ups in the rush to get into operation that they neglect to consider IP both to protect what they have and to ensure they are not infringing rights of others. There is often more value in the portfolio of intellectual assets of an organisation than in the hard commercial assets. The IP systems provide the opportunity to protect these increasingly important assets. It is important that a business considers IP and selects which of the IPR is of most importance, which can add value to a business and offers a degree of protection which is affordable.

Dave Morgan of DMIP Solutions ( is highly regarded in his field, and can be relied upon to provide practical and impartial advice and guidance by identifying the most appropriate from of IP for your business.  He has worked with many thousands of SMEs. With a career spanning a number of years at the Intellectual Property Office in the UK and latterly as the IP consultant for Business West, SSE is pleased to offer his expertise at this specialist workshop for South Bristol enterprises.

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Holly Vandyke