Reasonable Adjustments: Exploring Solutions to Support Staff at Work

Monday, 26 July, 2021 - 14:00 to 16:00
Organised/hosted by: 
Bristol Get Well Get On

People with disabilities – including mental ill health – play a valuable and productive role in our workforce. However, a range of real and perceived barriers mean some employers find it difficult to offer opportunities due to a lack of understanding of Reasonable Adjustments, and many people still find it difficult to access work.

This interactive workshop aims to break down some of those barriers, and show how adjustments can be made that allow people with disabilities to participate in, and contribute fully to, a happy, healthy working environment.

Key topics covered:

• Identifying and exploring barriers to work for disabled people

• What constitutes a disability medically, socially and legally?

• Examining employers’ responsibilities under the Equalities Act

• Sharing ideas on reasonable adjustments in the workplace

• Discussion on how to approach a conversation about reasonable adjustments

The session will be both informative and practical and will be supplemented by a toolkit of useful resources to help you manage health related issues in the future.

These workshops are delivered by Get Well Get On*, an employment support service from the Richmond Fellowship that supports individuals and their employers to manage health conditions at work. We also deliver these workshops to small and medium-sized enterprises in the South West. 

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