Community Health Chatbot demo and development opportunity

Monday, 20 June, 2016 - 12:45
Watershed, 1 Canons Rd, Harbourside, Bristol
Organised/hosted by: 
Cassini Health
On behalf of Cassini Global Health, I am writing to invite you to the first public demonstration of GHAIA - General Health AI Assistant (MVA prototype) 
Imagine a conversational system that is always available, immediately responsive and reactive to the health and wellbeing needs of people in whatever position they find themselves. This is no longer the realm of science fiction, this is a reality in 2016 that is ready for people to engage with.
Come and experience our prototype GHAIA: the health focused Chatbot connected to the dynamic web, external devices – and, most importantly, the people that GHAIA is built to assist.
We will be holding 2x FREE demonstration sessions:
Monday 20th June
Watershed, 1 Canons Rd, Harbourside, Bristol, BS1 5TX
12:30 – 14:30
14:45 – 16:45
As an Organisation and R&D Team, we are committed to delivering significant benefits to NHS innovation, community health and research projects. We base our system on open source technologies and a collaborative and transparent development ecosystem.
Our cutting edge conversational system GHAIA: 
·         Ensures greater condition management – conversationally engaging the user in their treatment plan & connecting them with medical, care or research professionals.
·         Enables independent living – conversationally supporting the activities of daily life and improving health & wellbeing  
·         Captures, stores and securely relays real time data gathered via conversation, external apps and devices – informing and empowering the user and their medical, care or research team.
In line with Martha Lane Fox’s Key digital proposal for the NHS of reaching the furthest first – GHAIA can enable all patients whatever their condition or situation to have easy access to online, human and technological support.  
With a humanistic and deep ecological value base, the technology has been developed through an ethnographic approach, with features & functions designed and developed with significant patient and clinician input. Our intent is to continue with this approach offering partnership and white label tools and solutions to enable ethical use of AI in the Health Sector.
GHAIA has the potential to revolutionise the way we approach community health and the capture of data with the complete understanding and buy-in of the user. This technology is a tool for collaboration and we are committed to ensuring that all the possible benefits of GHAIA’s core system are shared with, and maximised within, the Public Sector and developed in a collaborative partnership network. 
We therefore hope that this demonstration will serve not only as an introduction to GHAIA, but also as an opportunity to discuss the next stages of design and development – working in partnership and consortium both locally and nationally. 
Exciting discussions are already underway in the fields of medical research and the management of chronic conditions. We believe the core functionality of GHAIA developed with tailored applications could greatly enrich a wide cross section of research, NHS and community health projects.
We hope you are able to attend and experience first-hand interacting with our GHAIA prototype and stake your claim in stewarding the future of this exciting AI technology.
If you have any questions or would like any further information, please contact Roisin Tobin on 07811149239. Alternatively email 
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Roisin Tobinr