ROADS consultation event 1

Thursday, 16 March, 2017 - 13:30 to 16:00
St Werburghs Community Centre
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Voscur is hosting three neighbourhood based events (all events follow the same format) for potential providers of Recovery Orientated Alcohol and Drugs services to comment on the draft Substance Misuse strategy.
The strategy sets out plans for the re-commissioning of services by Bristol City Council. The total value of contracts is £8.5 million per annum. Contracts will be awarded for five years, with a possibility of contract extensions of a further four years.
Consultation on the Substance Misuse Strategy finishes on the 7 April 2017. Voscur’s event aims to:
  • Provide a space to gather a sector wide response to the plans.
  • Provide a space to gather a sector wide response on collaboration models (the strategy states a desire for at least 25% of the funding to go to small and medium sized businesses, social enterprises and voluntary/community organisations. This could be achieved through collaborative bids. Bristol City Council is open to hearing ideas and suggestions about this from providers).
  • Provide a space to meet other providers anMeaded explore the benefits of collaboration.
Please note at the event we will not have a presentation of the strategy contents, so please ensure you read the strategy before you attend, to get the most out of the event. Click here to read the full strategy.
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To assist collaboration, attendees are invited to complete a short form to assist collaboration, click here to complete the collaboration form. We will also share your details with others who attend the event.   
This information will be shared at the events and posted on the ROADS Commissioning page to assist the building of collaborations. (There is an option to select if you do not want your information to be shared).

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Mark Hubbard