Crowd Funding

Level: Intermediate

Category: Money matters

Everyone’s online these days, so crowd funding should be easy, right? Absolutely! (So long as you’ve got an established support network, snappy marketing skills, a strategic approach, plenty of time, efficient platforms and brand recognition.) Shall I go on? No, but thanks. I need to learn more about it …

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Thursday 24 June, 2021 - 12pm to 2pm

What is this course about?

There are lots of online resources and tools to support crowdfunding these days. But the technical skills, planning and communication that goes into successful crowdfunding campaigns or strategies shouldn’t be underestimated. 

For example, planning adequate lead time to generate engagement, and operational time to manage communications once the project has started, is crucial.  Effective marketing techniques to help your campaign stand out in a crowded market also need to be part of the plan. Alongside a clear offer for rewards and incentives: what can you offer that’s high value to supporters and affordable for your organisation? You’ll also need people to maintain a steady stream of promotion and responsive communications to support engagement.
This course will give you independent advice about: 
□    how to choose a crowdfunding platform (e.g. Local Giving, Fundsurfer, Virgin Giving, etc.)
□    how to decide whether crowdfunding is right for your organisation or not (it’s not the right tool for every organisation, especially without an established network of supporters).
□    balancing focus on a specific project (which often to work best for crowdfunding) with the investment required (which is easier to justify as part of a long-term plan/strategy). 
□    how crowdfunding fits into a number of income streams, along with e.g. grants, individual giving, etc.

What will you learn?

You will learn how to run an effective crowdfunding campaign. This will include:
•    Planning your crowd funder.
•    Which online platforms to use.
•    How to calculate how much you need to raise.
•    Deciding on your target market. 
•    Creating your crowd funding campaign and promoting it effectively.
•    Communicating your campaign. 
•    Social media and email marketing
•    Evaluating your crowdfunding campaign and using the learning. 

Who is this course for?

This workshop is for anyone who is thinking about crowdfunding, from charities to social enterprises, sports clubs and community groups. It doesn’t matter how much you’re trying to raise—the fundamentals to running a successful crowdfund are the same.

Price: £40, around 50% off for Voscur Full Members on briefings, 25% off for Voscur Affiliates.

Full members: £20

Affiliates: £30

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What else do you need to know?

Alison Belshaw is a Voscur Associate and an experienced project manager and fundraiser who has been involved in a number of crowdfunding campaigns, community share offers and fundraising initiatives.

To take part, you will need a laptop with a camera, microphone, and Wi-Fi. You won't need any other software. You will be emailed an invitation with a link to join the online training prior to the course.

Voscur is running all our training online due to the ongoing public health situation with coronavirus (or COVID-19). This decision was taken in line with local and national health advice, and to safeguard the health of our attendees and staff. We are aware that many VCSE organisations in the city are focusing their efforts on providing and changing their services to respond to communities. For more information about coronavirus, see



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