Introduction to Strategic Planning

Level: Basic

Category: Planning for the future

“What’s the point of a strategic plan? We’re too small to need one and just need to find more funding.” This course will answer the first question – and explain why it’s usually not a distraction for new and smaller organisations to invest in strategic planning but a solid step towards increased funding and better services.

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Wednesday 9 June - 1.30pm - 5pm 

What is this course about?

It’s an introduction to strategic plans – what they are, why we have them and how to develop and use them.
Strategic plans can sound bureaucratic, unnecessary or irrelevant to young organisations still finding their feet and establishing their services. However, good strategic plans can be simple, help to keep everyone focused as an organisation evolves quickly and increase efficient working by clearly setting out priorities. It can also be a useful tool to avoid the same discussions and same decisions happening repeatedly. 

What will you learn?

□    What a strategic plan is and why to have one.
□    How strategic planning can provide the stepping stones between start up energy and stable growth.
□    How to assess your present position and complete simple analyses (such as SWOT) to assess future priorities.
□    How to review current operations as part of developing/refreshing a strategic plan.
□    Translating your analysis into strategic goals.
□    Reviewing your Business Plan in the light of strategic goals.

Why is it this course relevant or important at the moment?

Looking to the future is especially challenging at the moment, and it’s easy to think that planning too far ahead is a waste of time. But when the next year or two is so uncertain a strategic plan is even more essential to ensure you keep focused on where your organisation can create most impact.

Who is this course for?

Trustees, directors and staff with responsibility for future strategy and business planning. 
It’s designed for organisations that don’t currently have a strategic plan or who have invested limited time in strategy in the past.  It is suitable for start-ups, young organisations in their first years of growth and groups that may have been established and successful for some time without looking too far into the future.

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What else do you need to know?

Familiarity with: 
□    Business plan (if there is one)
□    Governing document
□    Current and potential services
□    Stakeholders: clients, beneficiaries and communities
□    Familiar with the organisations fundraising 

To take part, you will need a laptop with a camera, microphone, and Wi-Fi. You won't need any other software. You will be emailed an invitation with a link to join the online training prior to the course.

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