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Voscur is a member-led charity and has network of over 600 voluntary and community groups and organisations. Our members receive a range of special benefits and we are continually adding to this list with new products and services for the sector.

Current member benefits are outlined here.


To become a member of Voscur please check the membership criteria, fill out the form below and submit. 
To be eligible for full membership you must meet the criteria listed under that class of membership.

Your application will be sent to the membership administrator who will be in touch regarding your application.

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Voscur is a registered charity and a not-for-profit company limited by guarantee. Therefore we would like your guarantee that in the unlikely event of Voscur being wound up, and not being able to meet all its debts from its assets, your organisation as a group member promises to pay £1. By joining Voscur as a full group member you are agreeing to this policy.



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An organisation is equalites led if 50% or more of its board is from that specific equalities group.
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We can also send you specialist information which could benefit your work. By ticking the boxes below you are consenting to Voscur contacting you about those services and sending information you might be interested in. We'll normally do this by email, but from time to time may contact you by phone or post.
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