Bristol Voluntary Community & Social Enterprise Sector Directory - Shirehampton Community Action Forum (SCAF)

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Shirehampton Community Action Forum (SCAF)
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Shirehampton Public Hall
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Station Road
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BS11 9TU
0117 982 9963
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Ash Bearman
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SCAF is a small, grass-roots community organisation working in Shirehampton, North West Bristol within the Avonmouth ward. Shirehampton has been recognised as both as a "pocket of deprivation", and as a disadvantaged community particularly on the grounds of social and economic deprivation, high crime, poor health and lack of community facilities and amenities.<br>.SCAF has four established "action groups" addressing priority issues of Community Safety, Youth Support, Environment "Shire Greens" & Play Areas. We also work on local Planning & Development Issues. SCAF is a partnership of statutory agencies, community groups, voluntary sector organisations, private enterprises, churches, schools, tenants and traders associations and individuals from the community.<br> SCAF also actively networks, supports and contributes to the work of other organisations working for community regeneration in North Bristol e.g Neighbourhood Partnership . SCAF is committed to, and actively promotes equality of opportunity and participation, and is working to build an inclusive community
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Charity Reg: 1099221
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