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Single Parent Action Network (SPAN) UK merged with Barton Hill Settlement
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Barton Hill Settlement
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43 Ducie Road
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0117 951 4231
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Annie Oliver
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Span is a uniquely diverse organisation supporting single parents to empower themselves throughout the UK. SPAN aims to give a voice to one parent families living in poverty and isolation and support the setting up and development of self-help groups. SPAN develops partnerships with organisations and agencies to improve policies for one-parent families.<br>SPAN provides a newsletter full of news and information on groups, trainig, publications, funding and holidays. Our website is a space where single parents and self help groups can share ideas and find help on a variety of topics. SPAN supports self-help groups through training, advice and guidance, and our cultural diversity. Our study centre provides training and courses, a young mums group, a free creche and a drop-in service. While SPAN is not currently operating a helpline, single parents of any age and background in urgent need are welcome to call us to find local support on any issue that is worrying them or their families
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3368661 1997
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