Bristol Voluntary Community & Social Enterprise Sector Directory - Asian Day Centre (aka Asian Health and Social Care Association)

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Asian Day Centre (aka Asian Health and Social Care Association)
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Asian Day Centre
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c/o Easton Community Centre, Kilburn Street
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0117 954 0178
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Day Centre for the South Asian Elderly communities of Bristol and South Gloucestershire. Providing affordable vegetarian lunch, keep fit, yoga, board games, entertainment days, information on health and well-being and local, national and Euopean excursions at subsidised costs for our members. We are always consulting members on innovative ideas and activities to suit their requirements.<br>Membership can only be obtained by a successful assessment through 'Care Direct' Social Services. We like to know the day care facilities that potential clients may require as part of their 'Care Plan' (We are funded by the Bristol and South Glos. Social Services and a Charity and registered company within our own rights)
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1077717 / 03814533
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Care Services, Counselling, Health
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