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Bristol LETS
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1 Merrywood Close,
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0117 9533430
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Margery Lever
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L.E.T.S stands for “Local Exchange Trading System”. We are a LETS scheme covering the Bristol area.
We trade skills, services and goods without needing or using real money.
It’s bartering without having to do a direct swap, being part of a mutually supportive community, and gaining a huge group of very useful friends!

Instead of real money we use our own currency called 'Ideals'. The Standard Rate to charge is 5 Ideals per hour, though other rates can be negotiated.
All sorts of skills are traded, from the mundane to the professional:
Cleaning, Computer Services, Storage, Shiatsu, Ironing, Baby sitting, Tuition, Waiting for deliveries, DIY, fixing appliances and bikes, lending items such as books, tools and even cars, or selling items you have made or grown.

Through the website, members can find out what is available, make requests, and pay for services with Ideals.
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