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Action for Children
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Horner Court
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637 Gloucester Road
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0117 935 4440
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Sandy Cheetham
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The Supporting Families Service will have skilled, experienced Family Support Practitioners and Therapeutic Practitioners as well as volunteers who will have the ability to actively engage families who might be resistant to support and will help them reduce identified risks and overcome specific barriers. Staff and volunteers must be able to support an ethnically diverse population, including those with English as an Additional Language.

The service will demonstrate an ability to match their resources to the needs of the city and will identify, pursue and access additional resource and / or funding streams to complement, enhance the service and promote sustainability.

The service across all 3 lots will work with between 500 and 1000 children and young people with their families per year. The children and young people will be between the ages of 0-19, with a particular focus on ages 5-13.

The families who will be referred to the service are those at Tier 2/ 3 within the triangle of need, on the edge of statutory support. The service will complete the SAF with families and be the pivotal point of contact and coordinate the ‘Team Around the Family’. The service will deliver engagement and support work themselves to meet the outcomes identified within the assessment.

Contact Matters, Bristol has been set up for children of divorcing / separating parents where there are difficulties or concerns about contact between the children and the non-resident parent in private law cases.<br>Contact Matters meet with both parents seperately and the children before arranging contact. We help families and particularly children to identify any other services that maybe of assistance such as mediation, couselling, parenting support services, domestic violence support services as well as drug and alcohol services.<br>We offer supervised contact at child focussed venues within Bristol. We draw up contact plans that are negotiated with all parties. We support parents to offer safe and positive contact with their children
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Advice Services, Childcare, Community Development, Education/Training/Learning, Youth Work
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