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Bluebell Care
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Bluebell Place
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2 Quay Street
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07767 324003
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Ruth Jackson
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Bluebell is a registered charity providing services for mothers and fathers affected by pre and post-natal depression in Bristol. We provide support through therapeutic group programmes and one to one 'Buddy' support in the community. Our groups for mums, Mums' Comfort Zone, are 12-week group programmes for up to 10 mums, with a free creche and are led by an Occupational Therapist. These are held in Children's Centres in North, South and Central Bristol and mums can be referred by a health professional such as their health visitor, GP or midwife or they can self-refer. The group offers an engaging and creative 12 week programme with sessions including relaxation through exercise such as yoga, creative sessions using arts and music, self-esteem sessions and each week offers mums the opportunity to meet with others experiencing similar issues and develop a tool-kit of strategies for managing anxiety and depression. The Buddy service is also provided in North, South and Central Bristol and can again be accessed by self-referal or through a health professional, and provides a more informal one to one support for mums who may not feel able to access a group. Buddies can meet mums either at home or in another local space, and they are there just to listen and support. Bluebell also provides a service for Dads who may be supporting their partner through pre or post-natal depression, or who may be affected by depression themselves. Our dedicated Dads worker, Glynn, can provide one to one support for Dads and he also runs a weekly group where Dads can meet more informally to chat with others who may be experiencing similar issues. All referral forms and contact details can be found on our website in the 'Contact Us' section -
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