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Saxon Road Greenspace Group
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38 Saxon Road
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St Werburghs
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To obtain or acquire access to the waste land at the corner of Saxon Road and Warminster Road in St. Werburghs and turn it into a community green space.
The green space would benefit the whole community by turning a piece of waste ground, into something that can be shared. Currently the land is owned by a company planning to put storage containers on the land. The land has been derelict on and off for about 20 years.
Following a community consultation we gathered a wealth of ideas for creating a green space. These ideas can be combined or considered for single use.
Ideas included encouraging regeneration of the natural habitat as a nature reserve (there are Great Crested Newts which are a protected species and other wildlife already on the land), creating a sculpture park, creating a woodland, keeping bees and the creation of a play space.

For further general information about the Saxon Road Greenspace Group please visit:

For further information about objections and comments regarding the proposed storage units please visit:
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