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Training Exchange, The
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Felix Road
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0117 941 5859
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Jo Bush
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The Training Exchange is an independent training and consultancy service. We specialise in training on issues which affect health, young people and communities. We are a team of qualified, professionals based in Bristol. We use participatory approaches to learning, encouraging people to draw on their experience to develop their own and each other's learning. We regularly work at local, regional and national level delivering independent and professional consultancy services. We offer a programme of training courses which cover: Managing teams, Training & presentation, People skills, Mental health and Drugs & alcohol. All of the courses on our open access programme and many more can be adapted for an organisation and delivered on an 'in-house' basis - we come to you. We work across the UK to develop and deliver training tailored to organisational needs including large scale programmes for regional and local service providers. For details about our courses and services visit our website or contact our friendly office team.
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