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Unit 1 St Agnes Lodge
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Thomas Street
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Hilary Banks
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RiTE DiREKSHON was started with a vision to foster change that will bring about social justice to radically improve the lives of Afrikan descent people in Bristol and its environs. Located in central Bristol, Signpost Project is an Afrikan Caribbean led, community development driven voluntary organisation whose work:
• supports people who experience social and economic exclusion, and
• helps to facilitate better access to public services by so called "hard to reach" groups.
Signpost's key role is linking people to services; brokering services, advocating and influencing policy and strategy thereby helping to improve the lives of people an build social capital in communities.
To achieve our goals, we provide information, generalist advice, surgeries, social education programmes, guidance, support and outreach to help our service users to achieve greater access to essential services.
We aim to support families and improve their quality of life and opportunities for social and economic improvement.
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