Bristol Voluntary Community & Social Enterprise Sector Directory - Essential Trading Co-operative Ltd

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Essential Trading Co-operative Ltd
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Unit 3
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Lodge Causeway Trading Estate
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BS16 3JB
0117 943 0800
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Ian Eastwood
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Essential Trading is a Workers Co-operative that operates as a Wholesalers, distributors, manufacturers, retailers (incorporating Harvest Natural Foods in Bristol and Bath) of natural and organic vegetarian products to the trade. Our aims are to promote awareness of the effect of our lifestyle both on ourselves and on our environment; exist as a financially successful, non-hierarchical, democratic organisation where workers participate in the creation and running of their working environment, as an example for others to do likewise; provide an environment which encourages and helps people to develop and achieve their potential; actively support co-operatives, fair trade, environmental issues and community activities
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Employment, Health, Trading
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