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South Gloucestershire Local Involvement Network
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c/o The Care Forum, The Vassall Centre
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Gill Avenue
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BS16 2QQ
0117 9589351
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Sarah Booker
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The LINk is a network of local people, organisations and groups that want to make health and social care services better. The LINk's membership is small at the moment and urgently needs people from the local community who feel strongly abouth health and social care services.<br> You can become part of the new way for local people to have their say about local health and social care services and about the way they are run and developed by joining the new South Gloucestershire Local Involvement Network. <br>
LINKs do have teeths and have been given powers as part of their role. The LINk will be able to make reports and recommendations and get a reply within a set amount of time, go into some types of services to see what they do, comment on local services and receive a repsonse from local authority commissioners and overview and scrutiny commitees.<br>You can participate in the LINk as much or as littleas you wish, from receiving information regularly to being involved in working groups.
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