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97-107 Wilder Street, St Pauls
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Ujima Radio CIC
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Silver St, Broadmead
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Voscur Member, Voluntary Group, Boost Organisation, Supported 2017
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Ujima Radio CIC
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Silver St, Broadmead
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United Kingdom
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2018-01-12 13:12:00
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Ujima Radio CIC
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Ujima Radio CIC
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Silver St, Broadmead
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Silver Street
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Roger Griffith
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Our station operates a diverse radio schedule communities in and around
St. Paul’s in Bristol.

• We will broadcast speech and discussion based programmes covering
history, health, festivals and more, specifically tailored to educate the community. Local and national guests are invited onto our shows of specific interest.

• We develop news, arts and cultural programmes made by the community for
the community. Our programme schedule will reflect both our local and our BME community priorities.

• We have regular consultation with youth & elderly groups and community
organisations and help the wider-community understand some of the pressing issues that occur within a community.

• We provide training in radio production skills to support people living
in areas of high deprivation, many of whom have been excluded from school and whom are Not in Education, Employment or Training.

• Ujima Radio 98 FM has been broadcasting since 1998 and is Bristol’s
premier community radio station that broadcasts Music of Black Origin.

• We bring all parties together through radio to celebrate cultural
diversity and success.

• In 2010 Ujima became a social enterprise with our primary aim to build
stronger communities by helping local authorities, businesses and the voluntary sector engage the Black Minority & Ethnic community in Bristol and the South West.

• As well as broadcasting 22,000 listeners every day, and giving a range of
media opportunities to the economically disadvantaged, we have promoted a range of events from Bristol Harbourside and St Pauls Carnival working with Bristol City Council and the BBC.
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