Bristol Voluntary Community & Social Enterprise Sector Directory - Avon Indian Community Association

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Avon Indian Community Association
First line of address
11 Severn House
Second line of address
Ison Hill Road
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BS10 7XA
07515 445206
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Shiv Sama
Position in organisation
Committee Member
What does your organisation do?
To promote Indian Culture, heritage and values to the Indian and wider Community. Provide comprehensive service from a central base accessible to the membership of the Organisation. To provide a service which is culturally specific and sensitive to address the needs of the Indian Community, with prime focus on health and well being. To challenge any form of discrimination affecting the Indian Community in the Avon. Work in partnership with mainstream other organisations to promote the work of the Avon Indian Community Association. Encourage people from all Indian backgrounds and from the wider community to participate in the activities of the Organisation. Promote community cohesiveness between the Indian and other communities in Avon. Establish dialogue between the Association and Public and Private sector including local and central government and their agencies
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Community Development
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