Bristol Voluntary Community & Social Enterprise Sector Directory - Action on Disability and Work UK (Merged into WECIL) (formerly The Vassell Centre Trust)

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Action on Disability and Work UK (Merged into WECIL) (formerly The Vassell Centre Trust)
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Gill Ave
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BS16 2QQ
0117 9617900
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Andy Rickell
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We are a Disabled People’s User Led Organisation (DPULO) and are managed by a dedicated team of talented disabled people. We help disabled people to have successful working lives. We provide practical support in a number of ways:

1. A national advice service for individuals and organisations giving information and guidance on all the work-related issues that disabled people face
2. A work club model offering intensive support to disabled people looking for work, volunteering opportunities or self-employment
3. Consultancy and training for employers, plus campaigns and support to encourage them to employ, retain and promote disabled employees
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Advice Services, Campaigning, Community Development, Employment, Support & Development
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Across Bristol, ,
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