Bristol Voluntary Community & Social Enterprise Sector Directory - Crisis Centre Ministries

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Crisis Centre Ministries
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32 Stapleton Road
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0117 330 1230
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Jonathan Lee
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We help homeless people, drug addicts, alcoholics and people with mental health problems or a history of abuse.<br>We provide a point of contact in the Wild Goose Coffee Shop. People can come in and get a warm welcome and good food. They don't have to get sorted first, they know that we accept them just as they are.<br>We don't have a fixed programme we are trying to get every one through - we listen to their story and their needs, find out what they would like to change for the better in their lives, and then work with them to try and make this happen.<br>For many, the LITE course is vital step. For others, we help in various ways, such as finding accommodation, counselling, detox or rehab, writing letters and moving furniture into a new flat. We continue to offer friendship as they get their lives back together. We also run the East Bristol Food bank, and the Spring of Hope ladies night shelter.
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Charity No. 298528, Company No. 2214814
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Advice Services, Arts / Culture, Care Services, Childcare, Community Safety, Community Development, Counselling, Employment, Education/Training/Learning, Environment/Sustainabilty, Faith/Religious, Health, Housing/Homelessness, Play, Sport, Transport, Trading, Youth Work, Other
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