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xAl Madina Community Welfare Foundation
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23 Cromer Road
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We aim to provide education and training particularly for youth living in deprived communities, especially who have had very minimum or no education/skills, to find jobs and the general public, and help fight and eradicate poverty amongst the less fortunate.To provide Accommodation/housing on temporary bases until they have gained some education and skills to find jobs and be able to move on in life independently. Provide religious activities, information and guidance and spirituality, understanding that will help and support them throughout their lives and family values as and when it is needed. At Al Madina Community Welfare Foundation, we want to do exactly what our organisation name suggest and that is to help and support deprived communities in terms of Economic development, community development, employment and every other possible ways to help communities grow and prosper in best possible manner to be able to compete with rest developed communities. We also want to help the youth by providing them sports facilities, which will help them use their energy positively rather than turning to crime. We believe that everyone, irrespective of race, colour, age or faith has the fundamental right to a life of dignity, free of poverty and oppression. We believe that poverty can and must be eradicated, as it exists primarily due to the unjust distribution of resources. We will be working directly with poor communities and will bring about positive changes from within those communities. We believe that literacy, education and job-skills training are fundamental to the development of needy communities and are the most effective tool for empowering the poor to break out of poverty and crime.
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