Bristol Voluntary Community & Social Enterprise Sector Directory - Finzel's Reach Residents Association (? closed)

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Finzel's Reach Residents Association (? closed)
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401 Hopstore
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East Tucker Street
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0117 3763510
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Facilitates building a stronger , integrated, inclusive community amongst the residents and tenants in the Finzel's Reach development - through social events and information.
Events include arts and craft club, job club, family outings, summer fetes, and social evenings.

We provide information on free, or low-cost local events, support networks and training opportunities suitable for our demographic.
We communicate between Finzel's Reach site management, site security, Knightstone Housing Association and local police on matters which effect the quality of life for Residents.
We participate in Neighbourhood Forums and partnership-work with other Bristol residents associations .
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Arts / Culture, Community Development, Support & Development
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