BDP! Gets a 'Boost'

Tuesday, 28 March, 2017

Voscur's Boost! Project matches community organisations with skilled volunteers to complete a short term piece of work that builds capacity. The main activity of Bristol Drugs Project (BDP) is to reduce alcohol and drug related harm which they do through a variety services.

BDP approached Boost! needing to improve its promotional material. They wanted better photographic representations of drug services and service users, across a variety of print and web media, so that they could better promote its services making them more accessible for the target audience.

The Boost! Programme matched BDP with a professional photographer who took photos at public events, in service settings and of organisational operations. The Volunteer achieved sensitive inclusion of Bristol’s recovery community through creating a full image bank and catalogue, promotional video, and they completed post-production work on images making them suitable for various media.

As a result of the support gained through Boost! BDP have increased confidence in communicating with multiple audiences, including funders. They have saved funds and have up-to-date marketing materials that use representative images, improving access to services and they have included their diverse clients in the process of developing new marketing materials.

''It was great the volunteer was really experienced. They brought a range of expertise and technological equipment that we would not have had the budget for.''