Tools and resources for Bristol Impact Fund
Here are some of the most important tools and resources that could help your VCSE organisations prepare for applications under the Bristol Impact Fund (formerly known as the VCS Grants Prospectus).
The resources are grouped under several headings:
  1. Finances
  2. Quality and Governance
  3. Planning
  4. Impact
  5. Sustainability and resilience
  6. Managing change
  7. Collaboration
  8. Resources from events
1.  Finances - Resources to help your organisation with financial controls, procedures and budgeting
Financial policy and procedures
Full cost recovery guide and budget templates
Full cost recovery budget template - The National Lottery Community Fund
Salary spreadsheet - The National Lottery Community Fund
Overview of full cost recovery - The National Lottery Community Fund
2.  Quality and governance - Understand and meet Bristol City Council’s Baseline Standards and other indicators of quality assurance
Governance guidance - Community Action MK
3.  Planning - Resources to help you plan your strategy and projects for the Bristol Impact Fund.  
4.  Impact - Resources to help your organisation monitor, understand and explain the impact of your work, including your work’s social value
Evidence of need
How to explain your impact - an introduction to using Theory of Change 
Understanding terms relating to change 
Developing outcomes and indicators
Tools and resources on measuring impact
5.  Sustainability and resilience - Resources to help your organisation prepare and plan for financial sustainability beyond the Bristol Impact Fund
Online funding searches
Fundraising tools
Business planning and trading models
6.  Managing change
7.  Partnerships and collaboration - Resources to help your organisation consider, plan and begin working with other organisations

8. Resources from previous VCS Grants Prospectus events  
Event resources