The British Red Cross are currently offering 10-19 year olds (year 6 pupils) FREE Every Day First Aid workshops in the Bristol area. This programme covers very simple to learn and simple to remember First Aid skills. Our targeted workshops focus on First Aid emergencies.

- The sessions can range from 40-120 minutes and are tailored to fit your group or classes needs.

- The workshop helps to enable young people to feel, more confident, willing and able to help someone who is experiencing a first aid emergency.

- You can expect engaging, interactive sessions using thought-provoking age appropriate resources e.g. games, videos, images, discussions, role-plays.

- All our educators are fully trained in facilitation and safeguarding.

- Our crisis education fits into many parts of the curriculum: PSHE: Risks, rights, responsibilities, resilience, how to keep yourself safe; SMSC: Understanding the consequence of actions, helping others; English: Discussions, presentations; Drama: Role-play; Science: Material properties, body.

Some examples of the skills that can be covered in the workshops include:  

  • Helping someone who is bleeding
  • Helping someone who is choking
  • Helping someone who is unconscious and breathing
  • Helping someone who is unconscious and not breathing
  • Helping someone who has a burn or scald
  • Helping someone who is having an asthma attack
  • Helping someone who has suffered a head injury
  • Helping someone who has a broken bone
  • Helping someone who is having a stroke


Please contact Sergio Zedda at or on 07912080909

01173 012628 // 07912080909