This webpage includes useful tools and resources that are intended to help VCS organisations prepare for applying for funds under the VCS Grants Prospectus. The tools and resources are grouped under several headings that represent areas of development that some organisations may need to focus on. These are:
  1. Finances
  2. Quality
  3. Strategy
  4. Impact
  5. Sustainability
  6. Resilience
  7. The end of current grants - managing the change
  8. Collaboration
  9. Resources from events
1.  Finances - Resources to help your organisation with financial controls, procedures and budgetting.
Financial Policy and Procedures
Example polices are useful as a starting point as your organisation reviews ad develops it's own policy and procedures.  Guidance on how to use example policies and procedures can be found in Policies and Procedures - a toolkit.
Full Costs Recovery Guide
Budget Templates
2.  Quality - Resources to help your organisation understand and meet Bristol City Council’s Baseline Standards and other indicators of quality assurance.
3.  Strategy - Resources to help your organisation think strategically about the Prospectus.  Is it right for your organisation?  Should your organisation consider collaborating?
> More coming soon.
4.  Impact - Resources to help your organisation monitor, understand and explain the impact of your work, including your work’s social value.
Evidence of Need
How to explain your impact - an introduction to using Theory of Change 
Understanding terms relating to change 
Developing outcomes and indicators
Tools and Resources from the Charities Evaluation Service
5.  Sustainability - Resources to help your organisation prepare and plan for financial sustainability beyond the Prospectus.
Online Funding Searches
Fundraising Tools
Income generation/trading models
6.  Resilience - Resources to help your organisation explain how you support the building of resilience amongst the beneficiaries and communities you work with.
> More coming soon.
7.  The end of current grants (managing the change) - Resources to help your organisation manage change and transition.
> More coming soon.
8.  Collaboration - Resources to help your organisation consider, plan and implement collaborative working with other organisations.
Collaboration support resources

9. Resources from Prospectus events June - July 2016 (Please note, timings on some of these presentations may have shifted, please refer to our webpage or the Council's website for correct timings)
Event resources