4 November, 2019


The Charity Commission, along with the other UK regulators is seeking engagement partners to join key stakeholder groups that will help to gather feedback and ideas for changes to the charities Statement of Recommended Practice (SORP).

Fraud risks to charities
29 October, 2019


Over two thirds of charities think that fraud is a major risk, according to new research from the Charity Commission.

Despite this, less than 9% of charities have a fraud awareness training programme.

28 October, 2019


Bristol City Council has launched its consultation on the level of council tax it will charge for the year 2020-21.

The council is proposing a number of options ranging from no increase, to a 2% increase on general services plus a further 2% that will contribute towards the provision of adult social care.

How can we create new business opportunities and make our region a better place?

The New Western Frontier is free. It’s for anyone interested in how the regional business community can create growth and deliver positive change.

The event offers:

Monday, 21 October, 2019 -
13:30 to 18:00

Join us to discuss funding & finance for community driven projects and enterprises in the West of England:

Monday, 21 October, 2019 -
10:00 to 13:30
30 September, 2019


The Charities SORP-making body has set out plans to change the way that the charity accounting framework, the Statement of Recommended Practice (SORP)*, is developed so that it better meets the needs of users of charity reports and accounts.

This follows a nine-month government review of the process, which recommended that it must change in order to meet “new public expectations”.

Women in social enterprise awards
5 September, 2019


The NatWest WISE100, which promotes women in social enterprise, and people of any gender who champion women, is open for nominations.

Being listed in the top 100 means national recognition for their work to create and manage a business that gives back to the community.

There are six categories, and an overall winner for each category:

20 August, 2019

Bristol City Council is holding information sessions for its arts and culture Originators Fund – the annual funding stream managed by the Arts & Events team.

The sessions will take place on 16th September 2019 at Mshed, Bristol and will launch Originators Funding for 2020-21.

13 August, 2019


Charities with fundraising costs of more than £100,000 are being reminded to pay the annual Fundraising Regulator levy.

The period for this payment runs between September 2019 to 31 August 2020 and how much an organisation pays depends on the reported fundraising expenditure.

This year, two additional bands have been added near the bottom of the levy scale, so that smaller charities can move up the scale more gradually.

Gift Aid Small Donations
6 August, 2019


Earlier this year, the government released Gift Aid statistics, revealing that the amount paid out on the scheme had increased to a record £1.35 billion, up from £90 million – an increase of 7%.

In particular, the Small Donations Scheme (GASDS) has seen a 33% increase in the amount of money claimed.


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