The Brexit Civil Society Alliance has launched a campaign toolkit to help organisations to prepare for Brexit and engage with decision makers.

The toolkit can help with lobbying around specific pieces of legislation or equipping members and activists to engage over key areas of the Brexit process.

The Charity Commission has published guidance on how charities should manage their relationships with non-charities.

The guidance aims to ensure that these relationships are contributing to an organisation’s charitable purpose for the public benefit. It has been developed following an extensive period of sector consultation and is based on existing trustee duties.


The Office for Civil Society, with support from the Cabinet Office has written a guide for voluntary, community, and social enterprise (VCSE) organisations considering selling to central and local government or becoming part of the supply chain for delivering public services.

Fundraising reports launched
9 May, 2019


Two major charity reports have given a clearer picture of the current state of fundraising.

Tax coin jar
8 May, 2019


HM Treasury has published a Call for Evidence to gain a better understanding about how the Social Investment Tax Relief (SITR) has been used since its introduction in 2014, including levels of take up and what impact it has had on social enterprises’ access to finance.

Coin into piggy bank pension scheme savings
2 May, 2019


The largest charities in England and Wales have an average pension deficit worth 24% of their annual net unrestricted income, according to a new report by Hymans Robertson.

This business plan template has been developed by the Key Fund as part of a programme to increase access to social investment.

Voscur is a delivery partner in the programme and all the organisations involved are encouraged to share tools and resources through a learning network to spread good practice and increase its overall impact for VCSE groups.

This simple self-assessment tool aims to help you think about your organisation's current strengths and gaps in relation to income sustainability and the potential you may have to seek social investment.

It has been developed as part of Voscur's 2020 project to support organisational sustainability through social enterprise and social investment in the south-west.

13 February, 2019


An increase to the limit on Gift Aid Small Donations, from £20 to £30, has been approved by parliament. This increase, as approved by the Eighth Delegated Legislation Committee in the House of Commons, will apply to individual donations at small collections from Saturday 6 April 2019 onwards, where arranging a Gift Aid declaration can feel impractical. 

In the 2017-18 tax year, 24,000 charities claimed a total of £34 million via the Gift Aid Small Donations scheme.

21 January, 2019


HM Revenue & Customs has announced that charitable trusts have an extra six months’ “soft-landing period” to comply with its digital tax rules.

From April the new Making Tax Digital (MTD) scheme is set to become compulsory for the majority of organisations with a turnover greater than £85,000.


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