Saturday, 14 October, 2017 -
11:30 to 13:30

KIDS are holding a Family Fun Day, full of free and accessible activities for the whole family. There will be:

  • BBQ
  • Live Music
  • Stalls
  • Bouncy Castle
  • Sensory Area
  • Messy Play
  • Arts and Crafts

The KIDS Family Fun Day will be at the Kingswood Foundation Estate on Saturday 7th October, 10am until 2pm.

Saturday, 7 October, 2017 -
10:00 to 14:00

My Future My Choice workshops combine fun with heritage, craft and design into a fantastic experience for all ages.
1.Explore a tall ship
2.Build models of famous Bristol Sail Boats -
Bristol Channel Pilot Cutter or Matthew Caravel (All materials and paints are provided)
3.Take your uniquely decorated model home with you.
4. Sail it safely at your chosen location – instructions on how to do this will be provided

Thursday, 3 August, 2017 -
10:00 to 15:30
Saturday, 23 September, 2017 -
10:30 to 16:00

St Pauls Carnival returns in 2018 for its 50th anniversary since the first carnival in 1968. This iconic Bristol event represents the best of Afro-Caribbean culture, as well as the diversity, creativity and vibrancy of its home city, Bristol.

Help us shape your carnival by joining us for our first Community Meeting on Friday 2nd June from 6-8pm at the St Pauls Community Sports Academy, Newfoundland Road, St Pauls, BS2 9NH

Friday, 2 June, 2017 -
18:00 to 20:00
Sunday, 11 June, 2017 -
12:00 to 22:00
Sunday, 25 June, 2017 -
10:30 to 12:30
Sunday, 30 April, 2017 -
19:00 to 22:00

Contains adult themes and strong language. Recommended age 12+

"This ain't your usual kinda story. It's a story about us. Me and Kali...and...and it starts here. This moment. With you and me and them and her and him and they and us. Right on the brink of a humongous event of earth shattering proportion."

Kali and Leah have grown up together, they know one another inside and out...or so they thought. As the solar eclipse approaches, so too does their urgency to explore who they are and how to make the pieces fit.

Monday, 24 April, 2017 - 19:30 to Wednesday, 26 April, 2017 - 19:30


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