Unlocking the potential of Bristol's communities: Voscur's impact story for 2021

16 November, 2021

Welcome to Voscur’s Summary Impact Report for 2021.

Watch the video below or download a PDF version to print.

Having survived 2020 – ‘the lockdown year’ - many of us are still working to minimise the impact of the Covid19 pandemic, which has been extremely challenging for everyone.  
This year, we feel it is particularly important to honour the outstanding work of our members and the wider sector by focusing, just for a moment, on the positive actions, collaborations and innovation that emerged during the pandemic. Many organisations changed how they worked overnight and we want to celebrate their adaptability, resilience and service.  
City partners, funders and decision-makers are also looking at new ways of working and rethinking what it means to nuture communities, to build on assets and to drive for equity.  
Difficult as it has been for so many, the global pandemic has provided opportunities for greater collaboration and the sharing of ideas, learning and resources.
I’m very proud that Voscur has been able to play an important role in enabling and supporting change and transformation.  As a charity ourselves, we’ve also adapted much of our work as a result of the pandemic; deepening our engagement within local communities and developing our service offer with new initiatives such as the VCSE Academy.
Bristol has a wealth of talent, knowledge and expertise across
all communities and we look forward to continuing our work with members, the wider sector and our city partners to unlock and release our collective potential.

Sandra Meadows, CEO Voscur.