£1 billion for the West of England over the next 30 years - but will it reach everybody? Help shape the strategy now

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23 August, 2017
In the recently published West of England Strategy (WoE) discussion paper, Metro Mayor Tim Bowles lays out his plans for the next four years and pledges to work with “councils and business to lead a region that delivers on economic growth”. 
The consultation for this paper is now open (closing date Wednesday, 27 September). This is your chance to shape the regional strategy*, and ensure the needs and interests of all communities are represented.
What is the strategy?
The West of England Strategy discussion paper broadly outlines the aims and objectives of the West of England Combined Authority (WECA), led by Conservative Metro Mayor, Tim Bowles. It focuses on boosting economic growth in the region, and recognises the need to include people from all communities.
Mr Bowles outlines the three key priorities that the strategy aims to address:
1. Business
‘Build on the WoE’s strengths as a leader in innovation, technology and creativity and continue to nurture businesses that succeed’. 
2. Education, skills and employment
‘Close the gap in life chances that is shaped by where you live, by ensuring that educational attainment is good for all and meets the skills needs of businesses located here’. 
3. Housing and transport
‘Put in place the foundations for building more homes that are affordable, and to improve our roads, cycle and pedestrian routes’.
It is vital that the VCSE sector influences this strategy. You can have your say by taking the survey now.
Face to face drop in sessions
You can arrange a one-to-one meeting to discuss the strategy paper at one of the scheduled drop-in sessions. Please call 0117 370 1957 or email Melissa.Houston@WestOfEngland-CA.gov.uk to book a 30 minute slot at the following locations:
Engine Shed, Bristol
Wednesday 13 September, 9:30am - 12:30pm
Kingswood, South Gloucestershire
Monday 11 September, 9:30am - 12:30pm


A joint VCSE sector response

As part of the West of England Civil Society Partnership, Voscur will contribute towards a joint response to the strategy. You can stay up to date on this work by checking our website for updates.
More information
0117 922 3751
*This work has been developed in partnership with the councils and has been based on engagement with a range of stakeholders during spring 2017.