Active Communities funding for neighbourhood projects and communities

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People's Health Trust
31 December, 2018


Neighbourhood projects and communities of interest in the South West can apply for grants from the Active Communities fund, run by People's Health Trust. Grants run from a minimum of £5,000 per year, £7,500 for 18 months and £10,000 for two years, up to a maximum of £50,000 for 18 months or two years (it is unlikely a £50,000 grant would be awarded for one year). 

Applications are welcomed from community or neighbourhood organisations with incomes of less than £350,000 per year, or an average of £350,000 over two years. Community projects must be run by local people and must involve regular meet-ups (weekly, fortnightly or monthly, for at least a year) between local people or those with a shared interest who live close enough to visit the community regularly. Previously funded projects include peer support groups, neighbourhood action groups, and a local magazine for people with disabilities. 

Projects that cannot be funded include those tackling a specific health condition, those already funded by another organisation, and projects from profit-making organisations. Full guidance is available here

Applications are open for Stage 1 of the process until 1pm on Wednesday 16 January 2019. If successful, you will be contacted within 10 days of the closing date to complete stage 2 of your grant application.

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