Advocate report: Bristol Safeguarding Adults Board

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17 September, 2018


Advocate: Ben Cheney

Date of meeting: 27 June 2018


Relevant discussions

Becky Lewis of BSAB is currently working on multi-agency risk management in adult populations regarding sexual exploitation.

Safeguarding adults data

Data from the last quarter shows that neglect is still the most frequent type of abuse featured in safeguarding referrals.

There has been an increase in the number of referrals for financial and material abuse.

Organisations need to ensure that they are speaking to service users about a safeguarding referral before they make the referral. At present this is not happening frequently enough.

Safeguarding Adults Self-Assessment Tool

This has been developed for organisations to use to assess, monitor and evidence progress and achievements in relation to meeting adult safeguarding requirements.

Prevent and Radicalisation

Stuart Pattison, Crime Reduction Manager at BCC gave a report on the Prevent Strategy in Bristol, targeted at working with people who may be at risk of becoming terrorists, or of supporting terrorism.

There have been a low number of referrals in Bristol to both Prevent and “Channel” (more high risk cases) initiatives. An increased number of referrals are coming through schools and other educational establishments.

Carer stress and coercive control

Next Link provided a presentation on the above issues.

Domestic Abuse and Domestic Homicide Review

The DHRs completed in Bristol so far have identified recommendations of:

-              Improved quality of risk assessments for victims of domestic violence

-              Improved information sharing between agencies,

-              Awareness raising amongst communities of the risks of domestic abuse and the local support services available.

It was noted that there have been increasing levels of suicide in Bristol and the BSAB and partner agencies need to ensure there is an appropriate response to this.

MARAC Development Project

A review of the MARAC process has been taking place nationally and a new pilot is due to launch in August/September 2018 with the aim of improving both the process and the outcomes for those involved in a MARAC.

HMP Bristol Safeguarding Report

Adult Social Care are soon to begin providing services to prisoners with care and support needs.

The suicide and self-harm prevention procedures have recently been reviewed and improved within the prison.

BSAB Board Constitution and Liabilities

These were approved at the meeting.

BSAB Annual Review

This was presented to the board.

BSAB Sub Groups

Communications: A priority for the board is to produce Safeguarding Adults materials in a variety of community languages.

Learning and Development: Voscur Advocate raised the issue of safeguarding training costs for voluntary sector agencies and how it is often cheaper for agencies to purchase training externally than use the BCC Safeguarding training. Board representatives emphasised that the BCC training is not run to make a profit and there are clear benefits of training in a multi-agency environment.

Further action

To read and disseminate the findings of the Safeguarding Adults Review for Kamil Ahmad. This is available to view on the BSAB website.

Date of next meeting

26 September 2018

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