Age-friendly and inclusive volunteering grants from Centre for Ageing Better

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Centre for Ageing Better
15 November, 2018


The Centre for Ageing Better will award grants of £40,000-60,000 to VCSE organisations with projects to promote age-inclusive volunteering.

Funding comes from the Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport (DCMS), whose Office for Civil Society teamed up with the Centre for Ageing Better to publish a review of age-friendly and inclusive volunteering.

A total of five pilot projects will be given funding in March 2019, to engage with older volunteers, support older people or connect older volunteers to relevant opportunities, breaking down the barriers that stop them being involved in the VCSE sector in later life. Volunteering can be particularly beneficial to cope with illness, bereavement or social isolation.

Projects will ideally be led by organisations with experience in flexible volunteering opportunities, tailored to people's commitments and abilities. Project funding will be available for a maximum of one year, and projects should begin in April 2019.

Funding applications can be submitted until 12pm on Monday 10 December 2018. Shortlisted applicants will be contacted by Tuesday 18 December 2018 and asked to attend a shortlist workshop on Monday 7 January 2019, with final panel assessments delivered in February 2019. For full details and how to apply, click here


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