Anti-bullying week: we must work together to promote equality and respect for difference

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15 November, 2017
This week (13 – 17 November) is Anti-Bullying week. Coordinated by the Anti-Bullying Alliance and supported by SafeToNet, this week is designed to shine a spotlight on bullying and to encourage all children, teachers and parents to take action against bullying throughout the year. 
This year’s Anti-Bullying week theme is 'All Different, All Equal'. The aim is to:
  • empower children and young people to celebrate what makes them, and others, unique
  • help children and young people understand how important it is that every child feels valued and included in school, able to be themselves, without fear of bullying
  • encourage parents and carers to work with their school and talk to their children about bullying, difference and equality
  • enable teachers and other children’s workforce professionals to celebrate what makes us ‘all different, all equal’ and celebrate difference and equality. Encouraging them to take individual and collective action to prevent bullying, creating safe environments where children can be themselves.
To find out how you can get involved in Anti-Bullying week, go to the website here:
Celebrating the sector
We are proud that local voluntary sector organization, Unique Voice (in collaboration with Filton Avenue Primary School) has created films which have been chosen as the Official Anti-Bullying Week Films 2017. This is excellent news and an opportunity for the incredible work of Bristol to be showcased on a national level. 
How to preventing and tackle bullying
In July 2017, the Department for Education updated its guidelines on preventing and tackling bullying in schools. The advice covers topics such as Safeguarding and accountability and the Equality Act, and gives advice on how and when to intervene. It also contains links to the websites of specialist organisations that can provide advice and support in the following areas:
  • Cyber-bullying and online safety
  • LGBT
  • Special Educational Needs and Disability (SEND)
  • Mental health
  • Race, religion and nationality
  • Sexual harrassment and sexual bullying
Whilst anti-bullying week focusses on children, young people and those that work with them, there is no reason why we should not take this opportunity to consider the effects of bullying throughout all parts of society – be that the workplace, families or online.

Click here to find out about Voscur’s response to the Government Green Paper on Internet Safety.

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