Bristol Ageing Better contributes to national programme thanks to Voscur collaboration support

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18 September, 2018


Bristol Ageing Better, part of the national Ageing Better programme due to Voscur’s collaboration support for Age UK Bristol, has contributed to a successful UK-wide learning report.

The learnings from all 14 national Ageing Better locations will help to combat loneliness and isolation in older people by improving services and targeting underrepresented groups who may not feel able to engage with projects or events. As a result, Age UK Bristol and the other Bristol Ageing Better organisations can tailor their offerings and reach those most in need of support.  

Age UK Bristol became the lead partner in the city’s Ageing Better bid, thanks to collaboration support from Voscur. Mark Hubbard, Head of Partnerships and Commissioning at Voscur, said:

“It’s great to see that the Ageing Better programme is successful. Voscur’s collaboration support service was instrumental in selecting Age UK Bristol as the lead partner that then went on to win a Big Lottery grant of £6million.

“Bristol was one of just 14 areas to receive such funding – an impressive endorsement of Bristol’s approach to effective partnerships.”

Ageing Better, supported by the Big Lottery Fund’s Fulfilling Lives programme, has so far engaged with over 60,000 people aged over 50 across the UK, with 34% of participants becoming more involved in local activities, and 39% saying they felt less lonely than before.

The scheme runs until 2021 and ensures older people are directly involved in co-designing and monitoring project activities using the allocated funds – in the case of Bristol Ageing Better, this means having service users on steering groups.

Bristol Ageing Better’s work has so far included:

  • A video produced by Aardman Animations, viewed nearly 22,000 times.
  • The Age Friendly City project which aims to make Bristol an official Age Friendly City (designated by the World Health Organisation) by 2019
  • A weekly Babbers show on Ujima Radio.
  • An LGBT storytelling evening.
  • Community Kickstart-funded projects like memories cafes, intergenerational drama groups, boat building and art classes.

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