Bristol City Council launches budget consultation

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6 November, 2018


Bristol City Council has launched a consultation to gather views on the level of council tax that should be charged in the city from April 2019.

The consultation offers five main options, ranging from no increase through to a four percent increase.

According to the council, the maximum increase would allow it to balance its budget as well as leave an additional £2 million that could be spent on other things.

The survey also asks for people’s views on how this additional money should be spent.

Every one percent increase in council tax would raise approximately £2 million to support the delivery of services and would add approximately 31p/week to the council tax bill for band D properties.

The four percent option would include one percent reserved to help pay for adult social care through the social care precept and would help pay for social care services to the city’s most vulnerable residents.

The council says that not increasing council tax would mean that other fund sources would need to be found such as generating income.

The six week consultation will run from 6 November – 17 December. Comments received through the consultation will be considered as final proposals are being developed.

Both cabinet and full council will consider the feedback from the consultation before a decision is made at their budget setting meetings in January (cabinet) and February (full council) 2019.

You can request alternative formats of this document by contacting the consultation team on or by calling 0117 922 2848.



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