Bristol Diverse Doors Open Day returns in 2017

A Bristol roof top view of Totterdown Mosque and nearbye houses
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2 February, 2017
Unique to Bristol, Bristol Diverse Doors Open Day returns in 2017, taking place on Sunday 26 February from 10.30am – 4.30pm.
For several years the Bristol Multi-Faith Forum has organised a Diverse Doors Open Day, celebrating Bristol's religious diversity, and giving communities the chance to experience each other’s cultures and learn about each other’s beliefs. Bristol Diverse Doors Open Day offers the opportunity to visit a range of places of worship and discover the many faith communities that exist in Bristol. Over the years many places of worship have opened their doors to the general public as part of this event, which is unique to Bristol.
The event is organised by Bristol Multi-Faith Forum and supported by Bristol City Council.
This year a total of 14 places of worship will be opening their doors. In addition, 6 of the 14 venues will form a designated ‘Faith Trail’, each representing a different faith. At each of these six core venues there will be an opportunity to participate in a discussion.
All 14 places of worship will be open between 10.30am and 4.30pm (unless otherwise stated on pages 5 or 6) so follow the designated ‘Faith Trail’ at the specified times or visit any of the venues at your convenience.
You can follow the ‘Faith Trail’ in a specially provided ‘trail bus’ at a cost of £5 per person (to be paid on the day) but places are limited so you will need to book.
For booking details contact us on 07789 040267 or email
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