Bristol Energy Cooperative Megawatt Community Energy Fund

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Bristol Energy Cooperative
12 September, 2017
Bristol Energy Cooperative launched round one of our Megawatt Community Energy Fund on 1st August 2017 with £50,000. This grant programme is available for community action on reducing the amount of carbon in our atmosphere, and/or making energy more affordable e.g. through focused fuel poverty initiatives. ​Applicants should live or work in our operational area: Bristol, South Gloucestershire, North Somerset and Sedgemoor District (Somerset).

Bristol Energy Cooperative’s Megawatt Community Energy Fund provides grants to:

  • Raise awareness of climate change, its solutions and how to reduce its impact (mitigation)
  • Reduce fossil fuel consumption of individuals, organisations and communities either directly through energy measures, or indirectly through the more efficient use of resources. Projects do not have to be energy projects but must have clear aims to reduce greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.
    This could include transport projects (e.g. encouraging cycling and public transport use, local food growing projects (which reduce our use of food transported long distances), horticultural projects (e.g. planting trees and plants which absorb carbon), community sharing and networking (e.g. lift sharing, projects to spread good ideas), IT (e.g. harnessing social media) and health projects (e.g. healthy eating & exercise).
  • Reduce fuel poverty, to ensure everyone can access and afford the energy they need.
  • Develop social, arts, cultural or sports activity that encourages or celebrates sustainability.

More detailed information about the Fund can be found on the Quartet Community Foundation website

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