Bristol Mayor launches One City Plan

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Bristol City Council
11 January, 2019


Mayor Marvin Rees has unveiled Bristol’s first ever One City Plan.

The plan has brought together public, private and VCSE partners in the city to create a plan for what we want Bristol to be by 2050 and how we will work together to achieve that.

Voscur has been a key contributor, speaking on behalf the city’s VCSE sector and helping to shape the vision set out in the plan.

In particular, the plan seeks to focus the entire city on a sequence of key outcomes which we can all agree to, concentrate on and contribute towards. This makes the longer term goal of making Bristol a fair, healthy and sustainable city with reduced inequality possible to achieve.

The plan has a vision for each decade and goals which fall under six priority themes; Health and Wellbeing, Economy, Homes and Communities, Environment, Learning and Skills and Connectivity.

It has been designed to be a living document that will be formally refreshed each year to account for political, economic and social changes in the city.

The plan features a number of references to the VCSE sector, including supporting volunteering for the over 65s, creating a coordinated volunteering programme for companies with over 1,000 employees and to make information on volunteering available to families as part of the education system. It is hoped that 90% of people will volunteer in their community at least three times per year by 2046.

The plan also seeks to ensure that leadership in all sectors reflects the city’s diversity.

“We know Bristol has huge potential but is held back by inequalities,” said Bristol Mayor Marvin Rees.

“Everything in our city is connected from the quality of our infrastructure and housing, to the health and opportunities for our children and citizens. We therefore need to step-up to wrestle with the toughest challenges we face today.”

The aims of the One City Plan will be supported by the City Funds initiative. This is an independent body that seeks to allocate funding to the priority areas set out under the One City Plan. The initiative will be officially launched in March and has already been taking applications for three priority areas: No Child Goes Hungry, Economic Inclusion and Community Initiatives.

Get in touch to tell us what you think of the One City Plan or to ask a question.

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