CCG leaders warn of shrinking NHS budgets despite Government pledges to increase funding

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14 June, 2017
NHS Clinical Commissioners have reacted to mounting pressures to deliver more for less, in spite of Government promises of greater investment.
Following the outcome of the General Election, NHS Clinical Commissioners published a call for action in response to fears over funding pressures and a lack of ‘realism about what the NHS can deliver’. 
Whilst Government investment appears to be increasing, external pressures mean that in real terms Clinical Commissioning Groups’ (CCGs) purchasing power will have diminished by £5.72 per person on average by 2019-20. 
That amounts to roughly £330million in terms of the national CCG budget.
CCG Leaders cited rising inflation and a growing, ageing population as the biggest causes for the shrinking ‘CCG pound’. They have called for more funding to be injected into the 2018-19 and 2019-20 budgets, but have also requested support for change in other ways:
  • Realism about what the NHS can deliver
  • Support for local decision-making on how to allocate resources, with recognition this will include doing things differently to improve patient care, and optimise cost-effectiveness
  • Ring-fenced funding for transformation to ensure financial sustainability in the long term.
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