Coaching for sector leaders - a free offer

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Photo by the International Monetary Fund CC BY-NC-ND 2.0
24 August, 2017
We all know that strong leadership can make a huge difference to an organisation, regardless of what sector it is in. However in these challenging times, it is especially important for voluntary, community and social enterprise (VCSE) sector groups to ensure that they have drive, determination and a clarity of strategic purpose at the forefront of everything that they do, to ensure that their work remains current, effective and above all, sustainable, for the communities it supports.
Examples of exemplary leadership are rife in our sector and local peer networks such as Leaders Connect are proving a very valuable tool for sharing best practice and knowledge around leadership. As well as supporting this work, Voscur is also actively fostering connections between VCSE groups and the private sector through the Voscur Skills Bank and partnership working, encouraging local professionals to share their knowledge and time with groups in need of some specialist support. 
As part of this work, a pool of professional and executive coaches are offering FREE sessions to leaders in the Bristol VCSE sector. Alan Carpenter, Chair of Bristol Aging Better and Age UK Bristol, and executive coach, is leading this group. 
Talking about his experience of the benefits of coaching for VCSE sector leaders, Alan says: “We’ve organised this coaching scheme in Bristol because we are aware that many VCSE sector groups find it hard to afford and access coaching, and because we know how much coaching can help all managers and leaders. Coaching is normally 1:1 and coaches help their clients identify and work through their top issues- trying to avoid giving advice- instead helping them to work solutions out themselves. This typically involves lots of open ended questions and careful listening. Common issues include improving relationships with colleagues and superiors, time management, work pressures and difficult organisational issues. 
“Coaching has shown to be highly effective because people are much more likely to put things into action that they themselves have worked through- rather than acting on advice. It is commonly used as a primary support in the NHS, Universities and private sector.
“Our pool of coaches are drawn from mainly professional coaches who live in Bristol and want to give something pro-bono to our Third Sector. The support offered is normally a series of three sessions. The coaching scheme is open to anyone working in Bristol’s VCSE sector who feel like they might benefit from it. 
“Our overall aim is to help the VCSE sector and its leaders strengthen and develop so that they can flourish and develop in these current tough times-there is so much pressure but there are also many opportunities too. Having strong and supported VCSE sector leaders is critical for the City- and coaching is a key part of that. It is also linked to the new Bristol Leadership Challenge programme."
For more information about this coaching scheme, please contact Alan Carpenter on 07831 403560.