Community garden project funding

Community garden funding
28 October, 2019


The National Garden Scheme Community Gardens Award has funding available to support community garden projects around the UK.

So far it has supported 59 projects, giving a total of £112,174 in funding, in memory of the garden writer and journalist Elspeth Thompson. 

Applications must come from community groups with amateur gardeners who want to create a garden, allotment or similar green space. Funding can be put towards small equipment and site preparation costs, plants, trees, shrubs, and seating; it cannot be put towards volunteer or staff costs, marketing, or large equipment costs.

There is no fixed limit to funding, but £5,000 is the standard maximum amount for projects. Schools are not eligible for funding. 

One of the 2019 funded projects was in Bristol - Ashley Vale Action Group created a community garden as a result of its funding bid. 

Applications close on 31 December 2019, and will be reviewed in February 2020. To view the full list of application guidelines and to start your application, click here